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Let Pure Capital help you achieve your goals


Pure Capital is a private lending firm specialising in assisting borrowers to source funding and to provide private mortgage investment opportunities to investors. 

Our Mission:

Pure Capital's mission is to provide, Faster, Easier, and Better funding opportunities for borrowers, and safer investment returns for investors. 

The problem we solve:

Put simply, we exist because banks and traditional lending institutions have made commercial borrowing painful. 

By painful we mean, applications take too long, approvals take too long, documentation requirements are too demanding, security positions are excessive and unreasonable, borrowing amounts (LVRs) have been reduced, amongst other things. 

Pure Capital solves this problem by providing lending solutions to borrowers that are faster, easier, and better by using private capital. 


Pure Capital have developed unrivalled expertise in private lending solutions for borrowers and investors.

Our track record of success through completed transactions proves we are industry leaders in the field of private lending. 


Our head office is in Perth, Western Australia with authorised representatives in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.
We engage in loans across Australia.


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