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Construction & Development

Investment Opportunities

Construction & Development Investment Opportunities:

A construction & development facility where investor/s funds are used to fund all or part of a property  development, typically to refinance the existing debt on a development site (or purchase it), and pay costs to obtain approvals, and complete construction. 


  •    Secured by Property: every loan is secured by a mortgage over Australian real estate, typically first mortgage but, second ranking (mezzanine) may be available. 

  •    Preferred Equity: preferred equity investment opportunities, which attract higher returns, are available from time to time. Preferred equity is paid in priority to ordinary shares. 


  •    Safe Exit: every loan is assessed and presented to ensure a clear exit at the end of the term to ensure investor funds are returned safely.  

Points of Difference:

  •    Target Investor Returns: loans will provider higher investor returns than term deposits or cash in the bank. 

  •    Large Deal Flow: we are presented with large volumes of loan opportunities.. You can choose whether or not you would like to participate and your level of participation. 

  •    Legal Structure: all legal structures, compliance, mortgage docs, record keeping, and management is all handled by a a law firm, expert in private mortgages.  

  •    Keeping Money Busy: once loans are discharged, you can reinvest into new opportunities to keep your money busy.  

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