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Bridging Loans

Lending Solutions

Bridging Loans (1 to 12 months):

Bridging loans provide an interim funding solution which 'bridges the gap' between the time when money is needed and when it is expected. 

Lending Solutions:

  • -   Cashflow: when funds are needed now but you are waiting for clients to pay you or funds from another source.  

  • -   Property Purchase (Finance): when you need to settle quickly while waiting on bank or other finance. 

  • -   Property Purchase (Timing): when your subject to finance clause has or is about to expire because your finance is taking too long.  


  • -   Property Sale: you can purchase another property without having to wait for yours to sell.  


  • -   Investment Opportunity: you can fund right away without missing an opportunity when no funds are available and expected soon.  


  • -   Business Growth: fund your goals and plans now without waiting for banks or another source.  

Points of Difference:

  • -   Faster turnarounds. 


  • -   Easy to deal with. Upfront decisions. 


  • -   Pragmatic, simple process from start to finish.  


  • -   Solutions focused.  


  • -   Expertise, focused, hardworking, and creative. 


  • -   Flexible, we find a way where others can't. 


  • -   Australia wide, we can lend anywhere in Australia. 


Loan Metrics:

  • -   Secured with a first or second ranking mortgage against Australian Real Estate.


  • -   Real estate can be residential, commercial, industrial, or rural. 

  • -   $10,000 is the minimum loan amount considered. 


  • -   $25,000,000 is the maximum loan amount considered.


  • -   LVRs may be stretched with the right security.


  • -   Interest rates & costs are competitive, and considered on a case by case basis.  

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